5 tips every ecommerce needs to distinguish itself from its competitors

The ecommerce sector is growing with more and more businesses trying to advance step by step and firmly into the digital marketplace. The time has come when there are so many online stores that they need to introduce new features and extra measures that allow them to distance themselves from their competitors. In this sense there are a number of tips that experts recommend adopting, starting with allowing the user experience to be multi-device and ending with improving delivery services. Today, if an ecommerce company wants to stand out, it must take into account the following tips.1.Buying on any deviceIt is important for every retailer to keep in mind that users who use multiple devices in their online experience are 20% more likely to buy from ecommerce.

This means that it is necessary to adapt the proposal of each store to make it work perfectly whatever the device is, such as a computer, a mobile phone, a tablet or even a console.2.Personalized marketingEcommerce has to see the importance of changing its marketing strategy, abandoning the idea of focusing on the device and addressing the user. To do this, it is necessary to introduce personalized campaigns that can be useful and interesting for the customer, avoiding intrusive initiatives to obtain better results.3.Connecting classic commerce with online One of the main ideas that businesses must take into account is the importance of closing the circle once and for all between the physical and online store. The customer is looking for an experience where everything makes sense and wants this to be reflected in the existence of a link between the two types of store. This is because there is a real practice of consulting online before going to a physical store and or doing it live when you are in it.

A total of eight out of ten customers do this practice, so you have to know how to respond to them in a solid way. There are examples of shops that have implemented this link between physical and online shop, as a primichi, giving customers the opportunity to close the circle. For ecommerce, this means knowing your audience better and adapting your business and products to their needs.4.The importance of the mobile phone Online stores that have adapted their business to the development of a mobile app that allows customers to buy from it have found very positive results. But always giving priority to the support of smartphones over the use of tablets, where there is not as much custom of making purchases online.

Adapting to this means of purchase is essential to guarantee the future of the business.5.Speed of deliveryEcommerce has found that speed of delivery has become the new frontier in the market. Now they begin to extend those services that guarantee immediate deliveries in periods of about 2 hours, so ecommerce must be prepared to introduce these new ideas in their day to day.

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