Search indicates preferred use by Android phones in Brazil

The cell phone is a form of technology that almost everyone is using and, in Brazil, its use is increasingly intense and regular. The importance of the mobile phone is not debatable. Today, almost everyone has one of these technological devices and companies are creating solutions adapted to them. Thanks to this, it is possible to enjoy mobile versions of your favorite games at , call your race at Uber, or chat with your best friends at WhatsApp.The adaptation of the world to technologies makes basically all aspects of our daily lives to be experienced with our fingertips on the screen and mobile versions of websites and applications are increasingly common.Mobile trends in Brazil were recently evaluated by a Google report that brought surprising news.

Come and see some of the data from this search.

Google's search: what did it consist of?

In partnership with Bain and Company, a global consulting firm, Google began a search to understand what the economic and social impact of Android would be in Brazil. Although all mobile phones are successful in Brazil, Android seemed to have a greater impact, which was the focus of the search that the digital giant decided to take on its charge.

Some of the results of this research In

his report on this issue, the ubiquity of Android devices in Brazil was confirmed. According to her, nine out of 10 Brazilians would use this type of cell phone, which corresponds to a percentage of 90%. Being a strong class differentiator, since the cell phone is the main source of Internet access in Brazil, the study underlined that there is a disparity between classes.

Network coverage was also considered, since its offer differs significantly depending on the location in Brazil where each person is. In the same survey, it was concluded that Brazilians are increasingly replacing the use of the computer and the fixed Internet and doing all the internatural tasks through their cell phones, for reasons of accessibility and mobility.

An analysis in Covid-19's time If

this is a current survey, it could not have failed to mention the current pandemic and its effects on mobile phone use.According to the survey released to mobile phone users, 70 users said they have spent more time in front of their mobile phone's screen since the confinement period began.This increase in mobile phone use in terms of time has increased, according to the survey, the number of people using social networks and messengers, as well as increased the use of chat spaces and the consumption of lives.It has also increased the ordering of food in delivery through Android devices, including the latest services of Rappi and iFood.Many people have also taken advantage, according to the report, to learn new skills through online courses.

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