The new technologies and travellers of the 21st century

The digital age is undeniably here and technology has undeniably changed the way we move in and out of our country. The world is no longer just globally connected but globally accessible, with many changes promoted by technology and that make the birth of 21st century travellers simpler, with new experiences and new ways of knowing the globe. Learn how new technologies change the traveler's experience in the 21st century. Every day we live experiences that prove that the latest technologies are part of us.

Today, the cell phone or tablet is always with us, and social networks are more important than conventional media to get information. But it's not only in the digital world that evolution is felt. Transportation is more modern, faster and allows us to travel to almost every location in the world more economically and more comfortably than in the past. In addition, many electronic devices such as GPS have also changed the experience of those who love to travel, allowing new adventures through more unexplored terrain.With all these changes, it is natural that borders seem to have blurred and that a new and distinct reality is known, where leisure occupies a central place and travel has become more frequent.

More accessible and dynamic, travel today is very different from what it was in past centuries. Undoubtedly, there has been a digital influence in the way they are made, experienced and registered by 21st century travellers. Come and learn more about what's new in the world of travel and the impact of digital to make it happen.

Technology has changed the way of accommodationToday

, almost everything is done by social networks and by the main mobile apps and the accommodation on travel is not an exception. Preferring to invest more in travel than accommodation, young millennials take advantage of digital dynamics and explore several online options such as or AirBnB.

In addition, Hostels and campsites have also gained expression in the XXI century.

Technology has changed the way of travelNew

means of transportation and new alternatives for their use have changed travel in the 21st century.Today, with new possibilities, people choose to do roadtrips in groups or explore the cheapest trips through interrails.Cruises also seem one of the favorite options of the Millennial generation.

Technology has changed the way you choose a travel destinationRecent studies

have revealed that the way young people choose travel destinations has changed completely in the digital age.If previously these destinations were chosen based on local monuments, history, or culture; today they are based on Instagram, film, and series trends.For many young people, according to the latest statistics, the most important thing about a travel destination is that it appears positively in Instagram photos, generating more followers and reactions online................

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