Top 2021 Tips for Choosing a Powerful Website Name

There are several steps involved when developing a website for the first time. While some tasks such as choosing the right template and incorporating the appropriate SEO techniques are more technical in nature, a fair amount of intuition is also involved. This is particularly relevant in regards to domains. We can think of a domain name as the digital "calling card" that will immediately greet the potential visitor.

So, this process must never be taken lightly. We should highlight the fact that the rules have slightly changed. What was recommended a few years ago might not necessarily be valid in 2021. What advice can be obtained from industry professionals and are there any tips which can provide you with a truly memorable online presence?The Core Concepts of Branding and BrevityAny name should speak volumes about your branding.

Try to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. Whenever possible, avoid confusing symbols such as hyphens or numbers. These will only serve to confuse the visitor and let's never forget that a memorable name is one which will attract a steady influx of visitors. Complications will detract from the appeal of the product or service that is being offered.You might have also heard that shorter web names are better than lengthy titles.

While this tends to be the rule, there are still exceptions. There is nothing wrong with truncating a name as long as it does not make the address itself sound more confusing. For instance, shortening the fictional name "" to "" will likely leave the visitor more confused. Try to strike a balance between brevity and recognition.

This might require a bit of experimentation, but it is well worth the effort.Trademark IssuesThis is one of the most confounding factors that many website owners will encounter. They have considered a number of different domains and after hours of deliberation, they finally encountered one which suits their needs. Unfortunately, it is only later discovered that the name already exists. They must then return to the digital drawing board.

This situation can be extremely frustrating and it can certainly sap any creative talents along the way. The best way to avoid such a scenario is to leverage the registration tools offered at Shopify. This intuitive software will immediately determine whether or not a name has already been taken; saving you time and confusion. It is wise to perform this practice even if you believe that your web address is entirely unique, as thousands of sites are being created every day.Making the correct decisions today will save you a great deal of consternation in the future.

As we can see, some of the 2021 guidelines are slightly different when compared to the past. There is still no doubt that there are a plethora of online resources to employ when creating your website from the ground up. Keeping these tips in mind will enable you to gain the digital exposure that your unique product deserves.

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